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My Yoga Journey

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My first yoga class

… starts 2014 on Fiji – on a wooden deck directly at the ocean – with the sound of the waves and the sunset as the backdrop. Here I joined my first yoga class. “Yoga is easy” – that´s what I thought, “I did gymnastics for 8 years after all”. Class at 7am? No way. Luckily there was another class at 5pm. For beginners.

6.15pm: Wow. My whole body has had to move – but instead of feeling depleted of energy, I feel exhilarated and light – balanced and calm. I want more!

Against my expectations, the beginner’s class was nothing but easy – and I never made it to the intermediate class in the mornings. But I was fascinated.

Since then, yoga has sneaked into my life more and more. Initially, I did 20-minute-sessions with “Yoga with Adrienne” on YouTube – I still recommend her videos for beginners! Back then, proper yoga studios scared me – “too many strange people”. Nevertheless, I had the desire to dive deeper into the topic of yoga.

Buddha statue in Ayutthaya, Thailand

When I was planning a trip to Southeast Asia for the beginning of 2016 the only criteria for the travel route was: Can I practice yoga there? Thailand, Laos, Cambodia – not only did I go to a different yoga class every day and fell in love with yoga more and more – but I was also really taken by the Southeast-Asian continent.

Mekong boat trip in Laos

While still on the trip I decided: I want to do my yoga teacher training – and I want to do it in India. The birthplace of yoga – authentic, raw, pure. Varkala, Kerala, South India, February 2018: 4 weeks – 200h Yoga Teacher Training (Suddha Anand Yogshala). My gut feeling says: Finally, you have found your path.

Yoga @ Banteay Srey Spa, Kambodscha

I was certain: I want to teach straight away. I had the opportunity to do so on a 1-week project in Myanmar (om&roam) and after that in Kampot, Cambodia (Simple Things and Banteay Srey Spa). Hereafter, I went to Sri Lanka, where I worked as a yoga retreat coordinator and teacher in the mountains close to Kandy (Welikande Villas).

Yoga school in Mysore, Indien

In March 2019 I completed my 300h Teacher Training near Mysore, India (Inteyoga).

A deeply moving and life-changing experience. Through my trainings I did not only learn the “yoga-teacher-toolbox”, but – and that is so much more valuable – put me on the path to my true self. My self-perception has changed: It has become more loving and kinder. I am living a more mindful, more compassionate and more authentic life. And this is exactly what I want to share.

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